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A quick round-up of the only ocean, water sports and surf news you need to know about this week brought to you by What She Saw.

  1. One of those “it won’t happen to me moments” out of Indo last week, when a tourist was reportedly killed by a black marlin while snorkelling.
  2. Shout out to local surf photographer, Tyler Walker, who has been out of the game for almost a year following a car accident that left him with epilepsy, and unable to shoot from the water. I was super stoked to see him post a pic after his first swim back in the line-up.
  3. Hawaii has been relishing in El Nino glory: swell after swell has graced this surfing mecca, resulting in some pretty extraordinary events coming out in surf news. Did you see Bethany Hamilton, shark attack survivor, charging Jaws with one arm? Or this video of skimboarder Brad Domke giving Pea’hi a go? Kiteboarder, Niccolo Porcella, takes the cake though for this wipeout at Jaws. Ouch.
  4. If you’re looking for a live surf report of the West Coast (Cape Town) every morning, follow Sunset Surf Shop on Facebook. Owner Trevor Kemp is kind enough to do the spot checking for us (including a video report back).
  5. So a boat sank off Cape Point last night. Fishing trawler Lezandi seemed to have collided with another vessel in thick fog last night. The NSRI managed to rescue all crew. Great job as always from the NSRI.
  6. Staying with the NSRI, have you seen their new and free SafeTrx app for ocean users? Set up notifications about your journey offshore, and if you’re not back by a certain time, a notification will automatically be sent to your emergency contact.
  7. A clawless sea otter has been hanging out around Camps Bay and Clifton. Local photographer Eugene van der Elst managed to capture this awesome moment with it.
  8. Local SA surfer, Josh Enslin, has managed to secure a new Guiness World Record for the longest surf session ever: 466 waves in just over 30 hours.
  9. A japanese aquarium put a Great White shark on display, only to have it refuse to eat and die 3 days later.
  10. The next surf-related workout? Indoor SUPing. Would you?
  11. Big Bay beach has recently been closed, a lot: first after sharks were spotted patrolling near the back islands, and then later, for a pollution spill from a burst sewage pipe. For now, the beach remains open.
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