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A quick round-up of the only ocean, water sports and surf news you need to know about this week brought to you by What She Saw.

  1. Matt Wilkinson and Owen Wright recently made a trip down to South Africa and filmed this. Always great to see the pro’s shredding up our local breaks.
  2. Staying with Owen Wright, he recently broke his silence on his recovery from a serious brain trauma that he suffered at Pipeline last year. If you don’t believe that everything can change in an instant, just read his story.
  3. Always fancied a career in surfing? TropicSurf is hiring! Imagine working as a surf guide in a remote luxury location, like the Maldives.
  4. The M@kingWaves group on Facebook is running a super cool contest where you can win your very own Brothers Surf Housing. Find out more on the group.
  5. This video of a dolphin dropping in on surfer Soli Bailey in Austrailia is going viral. Pretty incredible, really.
  6. Matt Mcgillivray, one of my favourite local surfers who I’ve been following and shooting with since he was a grom, is making SA proud, sitting at 37 on the WSL QS Rankings after a series of strong performances overseas #ProudlySouthAfrican. Go Matt!
  7. Rumour has it a rather large shark was spotted patrolling the backline of Van Strand in Melkbos this weekend.
  8. If you haven’t watched Black Fish, do yourself a favour and watch it. And then be stoked to hear that Seaworld has finally called an end to breeding Orca’s in captivity.
  9. I’m looking for a few more surfers to join on a Maldives surf charter. Email me if you’re keen.
  10. What I’m watching in Vimeo this week. Toes to the noes, I’m inspired.

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