Maldives Diary | Day One

0 Posted by - July 24, 2015 -

One of our skippers, Joe, meets at arrivals. It’s weird to be greeted by a South African accent at the airport. We get our stuff and he guides us out the airport doors to head to the yacht. Right in front of us is the ocean. I didn’t realise how close the airport was to the sea, but then again it seems everything in the Maldives is close to the sea – no island seems very big. We drive our trolleys down towards the ocean before boarding the transfer boat that’s going to take us out to our yacht.

First impressions of the Maldives go as follows: it’s not always blue skies and turquoise water. In fact, its mostly overcast and cloudy at this time of year, and the wind blows quite a lot. The sea is generally quite choppy from the wind, and only the shallow water around the islands shines turquoise. The water is incredibly clear though. There are many resorts, the stereotypical huts on stilts. We pass at least 5 different resorts on our way up to our first surf break. This pic is one of them.

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