Maldives Diary | Day One

0 Posted by - July 23, 2015 -

We board our Emirates flight to Male, and I navigate my way to my seat: 27A. Window seat. Yes please. I pack my camera bag into the overhead lockers and wait for the guys to do the same. I laugh at Quinton, who now has only 1 slop on – it broke sometime during our commute through Dubai airport. But nothing can dampen our spirits – we’re off to the freaking Maldives!

I spend most of the 4-hour flight between sleep, and season 2 of ‘The Fall’. Every now and then I peer out of the window – I don’t want to miss the first sighting of the atolls. About 30mins before we land the start of the atolls appears – an oval shaped reef enclosing a lagoon of turquoise blue water. It’s honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen from the air. A PA announcement from the flight deck interrupts my awe: “ladies and gentlemen, we’ll soon be landing in Male. Due to a bit of traffic, we’ll need to circle a bit before we land, in about 20mins”. It’s the first time I’ve ever been excited by a delay – more time to see the beautiful Maldives from the air. More and more islands start to appear. Frank and I elbow it out to take pics with our phones. It’s so beautiful. As we approach Male, we start to see the stereotypical little wooden huts on stilts. The wheels of the plane touchdown. We’re in the freaking Maldives!

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